1. Is there a registration fee?
    The competition is 100% free.
  2. When is the registration deadline?
    You can register and submit your game on or before 17th December.
  3. What and who are the workshop for?
    We have two workshops, one for teachers and parents and another one for participants. We will talk about the basic ideas and requirements behind game development in the workshops.
  4. Do I need to attend the workshop?
    It’s not a must but we highly recommend all participants to attend the workshop.
  5. Which development platform should I use?
    You can use any development platform to build your game as long as it is playable in the internet browser.
  6. Are there any restrictions on the screen size of the game?
    The minimum screen size should be 550×400 pixels.
  7. How can I get use of the resources in the download section?
    You may design or modify your submission based on the game templates in the download section. You may also use or refer to the graphic resources there which are in flash as well as other formats.
  8. Does that mean I have to create a game similar to those in the download section?
    No. Those are purely for references. You can create whatever you like.
  9. What do I need to submit?
    You need to submit:  (a) your game source file, (b) your game (if you are using game making software e.g. scratch to create your game, you may simply submit the link of your game), (c) a description of your game. Please zip them into one file and submit them together.
  10. How do I submit my game?
    Simply login using your account and upload your game at the “submit” page.
  11. How many times can I submit my work?
    You can submit as many times as you want by 17th December. But please note that we will only keep your latest submission.
  12. What are the steps in producing a game?
    You can start from the creation process, and design a game that you like in the following steps:
  • draft a game story;
  • decide on the development platform (java / flash) and install the required software;
  • design the game characters, scenes, missions and interfaces;
  • produce the game;
  • test the game and
  • submit your work!

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