The Award ceremony and exhibition:

The Award ceremony and exhibition will be held on 31st March 2012. We sincerely welcome everyone of you to join us at this spectacular event!

Theme: Digital Inclusion

Hong Kong Government will be spending over 60 million dollars in 2010-2011, and over 100 million dollars next year, for the Information Technology Strategy “Digital 21″ in “building a digitally inclusive society”. The government aims at developing Hong Kong as a hub for technological cooperation and trade; while building an inclusive, knowledge-based society.


Digital games are becoming an important part of teenagers’ life, yet most of the digital games are not accessible to all. Therefore, only a small portion of the society is actually enjoying the games. Accessibility is getting more and more important, it is necessary for digital games to consider this concept. Various information technologies have transformed accordingly for digital inclusion. Touch screen is replacing keyboards and mouse for wider usage; there are even sensors detecting our brain waves. Things are getting innovative for the better side of it. Digital games are one of the most favourite technology, we should ensure that our games are accessible to every one in the society, so as to enrich their life and even improve their living quality. One of the good examples of digital inclusion is developing digital games to benefit the elderly and disabled. It would be great for teenagers in our society to carry their passion of playing digital games onto designing games with accessibility for every one to enjoy and be benefited.

In the past few years, the society has been working hard in improving information and communication facilities, as well as breaking the digital boundaries caused by the technology. Different sectors in the society should have equal opportunities in using and benefiting from information and communication technology, in which digital games is a very popular form. People of different sexes and ages are playing digital games everywhere all the time. These games have an important leading role in promoting digital inclusion in our society. Lively digital games can help training our brains, improving our memories, concentration, mental calculation, decision making skill and hand-eye co-ordination. In order to share the joy of digital games with everyone in the society, we must consider the needs of different users, including the elderly, the physically handicapped and able-bodied, the youngsters and low-income families, in our game design so as to generate the best effectives from our games.

Hong Kong Cyberport, Hong Kong Digital Game-based Learning Association, Microsoft Hong Kong Ltd and Pak Kau College are organizing the Hong Kong Digital Game Development Competition 2011. With the theme “Digital Inclusion”, we encourage people from different aspects of the society to, through digital games, with innovative and human-oriented concepts; express their creativity in a rational and harmonious way. This is to unfold Hong Kong’s animated character, to share intelligent technology among people from different levels in the society, to promote sustainable developments and improve the quality of life for an intellectual society.


  • Provide opportunities for PHAB, elderly, youngsters and low-income families to participate and enjoy digital games
  • Raise the awareness of the importance of making game accessible
  • Nurture new local talents for the Hong Kong creative industry
  • Encourage and promote the use of innovative technology in primary and secondary schools
  • Cultivate students’ awareness of autonomous learning and develop their independent thinking and problem solving skill
  • Improve students logical thinking and organization skill through digital games development
  • raise students’ learning motivation by applying digital game-based learning in secondary and primary schools;
  • strengthen the interaction among digital game design professionals, educators and every one else in the society to improve the standard in the field.


  • Junior group (primary and junior secondary students) *
  • Senior group (senior secondary students) *
  • Open group (anyone interested)

*subject to the official launch date


  • Participants can join the competition individually or as a team (maximum 4 people in a team)
  • Junior and Senior groups﹕there is no limit to the number of games submitted by a school; yet each student can only take part in one of the submissions, which should be applied through a teacher;
  • Open group﹕each participant can submit one game at most
  • Each game can only be submitted to one of the category groups – junior, senior or open;
  • All participating teams must posses the proper right to use the software/tools for their game design and development
  • Copyright of the submitted works belongs to the participant; we reserve the right to use the submitted works for public exhibition and online voting.
  • We reserve the right to the final decision regarding to the eligibilities of the participants and the results of the competition.

Application Method﹕

Fill in the online registration form at the top left corner of this page. For individual participants, they only have to fill in the personal information and select their participanting group. For team participants, one of the teammates would have to fill in the personal information. They have to select the group and every team member (group mate 1-4) should fill in their names and email addresses to complete the form.

Submission requirements﹕

  • format: any format that can be played in a browser
  • resolution: minimum 550 x 400 pixel

Important Dates:

Date Event Venue
17th September 2011 Hong Kong Digital Game Development Competition 2011 kick off ceremony
15th October 2011 Official Launch
15th October 2011 Workshops for participants Pak Kau College
12th Novemeber 2011 Workshops / Game show Hong Kong Cyberport Training Center, Level 3, Core F, Cyberport 3
17th December 2011 Submission deadline
21st December 2011 Finalists Announced
22nd December 2011 ~ 4th January 2012 Online voting &
Panel Judges final decision
Commercial Radio (
4th February 2012 ~8th February 2012 Taipei Game Show 2012 Taipei Taiwan
10th March 2012 Winner showcase at DCCA Appreciation Ceremony 2012 Ocean View Court, The Arcade Cyberport
31st March 2012 Award ceremony and exhibition Pak Kau College
March to August 2012 School sharing session Local schools
March to August 2012 Public sharing session (digital inclusion) Pak Kau College, Hong Kong Cyberport