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Important Dates:
Date Event
Mar 2014 Competition details officially published
12 April 2014 (Sat) Workshop 1 – Minecraft
30-May-2014 Registration Deadline for competition
3 May 2014 (Sat) Workshop 2 – Stencyl
17 May 2014 (Sat) Workshop 3– Unity3D
Mar – May 2014, Late Jun – Early Jul 2014 ‧Arrange education workshops on digital game development to students, parents and teachers;
‧Arrange visits to ZCB/Construction Industry Resource Centre and Cyberport for better understanding the theme of the Competition(Date for visiting ZCB: 17 Apr p.m., 22, 24, 25 Apr; 2, 3, 4 Jul – max. 50 people per session and a total of 20 sessions)
14 Jul 2014 Submission Deadline
Aug 2014 Winner Announcement
30 Aug 2014 Prize Presentation Ceremony
Theme﹕ Constructing Hong Kong – Infrastructure / Building / Sustainable City

Participants can refer to the Liberal Studies: Hong Kong Construction Industry Information Kit for ideas.

The information kit provides students with an overview of the whole construction industry so that they can understand the wide coverage of the industry and the important role it plays in the development of our society.

The topics correspond with the Liberal Studies Modules “Hong Kong Today” and “Energy Technology and the Environment“.

Teachers can encourage students to understand the vision of future construction projects and explore different viewpoints in order to analyse the benefits and costs of social development.

Recently, ten major infrastructure developments have been announced to continue Hong Kong’s development in the 21st century. The industry is now pushing to utilise greener technologies and materials in developments.

  • To give primary and secondary students a brief understanding of the construction industry;
  • To improve knowledge regarding Constructing Hong Kong – Infrastructure / Building / Sustainable City through the game development;
  • To provide primary and secondary students with fundamental knowledge and basic concept on the construction works via design of games and visit(s);
  • To encourage and promote the use of innovative technology in primary and secondary schools; and
  • To arouse pupils’ interest in the construction industry
Supporting organization -
Department of Computer Science, CUHK

E-learning consortium

HK Education City



Poly U school of design

Unesco HK