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Important Dates

October 2015 Competition details officially announced
6 Nov 2015 (Sat) IT in Education Pedagogical Series: Using Latest Game Development Tool to Create Game
21 Nov 2015 (Sat) Workshop 1 – Game design principle
28 Nov 2015 (Sat) Workshop 2 – Construct 2
7 Dec 2015 (extended!) Registration Deadline
5 December 2015 (Sat) Workshop 3– Unity3D
4 Jan 2016 (extended!) Submission Deadline
Feb 2016 Winner Announcement
Feb 2016 Prize Presentation Ceremony

Theme: Cancer Prevention

The competition aims at raising public awareness on the importance of prevention and screening of cancer through digital games. Cancer has been a major cause of illness and death in Hong Kong yet there are ways to prevent this disease such as tobacco control, healthy diet, physical activity, reduce alcohol, weight management, screening and early detection. Games will be designed to promote these different preventive measures. We hope the participants of the competition and general public can learn more about ways to prevent cancer in an interactive and enjoyable way.

Participants can visit Department of Health’s website and Healthy League Facebook page for more information on cancer prevention.



  • To give primary and secondary students a brief understanding of cancer ;
  • To improve knowledge regarding Cancer Prevention through the game development;
  • To provide primary and secondary students with fundamental knowledge and basic concept on game design and development;
  • To encourage and promote the use of innovative technology in primary and secondary schools; and
  • To arouse pupils’ interest in health topics

Game Maker School

A brand new initiative to support schools to prepare their students to create games for the competition. Dedicated workshops will be arranged for participating schools. Students have to options to submit their games after the workshops.

Thank you for the overwhelming response to our Game Maker School initiative, due to space limitation registrations are now closed.

Supporting organisations

Department of Health Education Bureau Department of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) iFuture
The Hong Kong Academy for Gifted Education The Department of Computer Science and Engineering at The Chinese University of Hong Kong
21st Century Learning International CAITE The Hong Kong Association for Computer Education Association of I.T. Leaders in Education
HKITF The University of Hong Kong The Centre for Information Technology in Education eLearning Consortium Online Learning and Teaching Association