Web-based Games and Mobile App Games


  • Primary (P.4 – P.6)
    [individual / team] – Web-based Games and Mobile App Games
  • Secondary (F.1 – F.6)
    [individual / team] – Web-based Games and Mobile App Games


Participants can register for the competition and submit their submission online. Each participant/ team is required to submit the following items:

  1. The Playable
    An installable and playable version in the format for desktop computer, smart phone or tablet (iOS/ Android/ Windows app), the related files and the original file, including the source code, header files, library files, image files, data files or other compiled files, method and/or the command line. If the submitted file is an installation file, digital signature is not required.
  2. The Design Document
    A document including the following information (images may be included):
    • (a) Name of the submission
    • (b) Summary – A paragraph explaining the creative ideas, intent of the game, game play features and purpose and how it aligns to the theme, etc.
    • (c) Instructions
  3. Video (optional for the primary school category)
    A demo video file showcasing your submission. It should include no more than 5 minutes of demonstration.
  4. Screenshots
    Each submission can include a maximum of 10 screenshots.


  • Participants are encouraged to incorporate mascots from Healthy League into their games
  • Each participant can only make one submission under the individual category and /or one submission under the team Category
  • A team may consist of 2-5 team members (teammates have to be from the same school)
  • There is no limit on the number of submissions submitted by one school
  • All participating individuals/ teams must posses the proper right to use the software/tools for their design and development
  • The entries should be the original work of the candidate and must not have been used on other occasion
  • By entering the competition and providing an email address, the participants consent to receipt of any email regarding the competition
  • The Organisers will own the copyright to the winning digital game entries
  • The Organisers acquire the right to publish, promote, exhibit and publicize the winning entries, including, but not limited to, such multi-media mediums as the internet, printed or electronic marketing materials, or extracted of those hard copy artwork like T-shirts and books for educational purpose
  • The winners shall give consent to accept interviews and participate in any publicity events or activities required by Organisers at all forms or means free of charge
  • The organisers reserve the right to the final decision regarding to the eligibility of the participants and the results of the competition